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Dr. Cohen’s Heatable acuBack


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Zero effort required – works using your own body weight for 3 minutes – find a spot and let your body ‘melt’ over the acuBack’s technologically advanced design.

The acuBack is an incredibly versatile self-care tool that naturally relieves muscle and joint pain, enhances athletic performance and improves posture.

Wonderful for proper sitting posture enabling you to sit upright almost effortlessly – essential for computer use, car & plane travel.

Outperforms any foam roller

The acuBack’s technologically advanced HEATABLE design has just the right amount of give for your body to relax, provides deeper penetration and is far easier to use – just find the right spot and let your body melt into the patented HEATABLE design for 3 minutes. No need to roll or body plank (which tightens muscles & fires your nervous system blocking deep release).

Use your HEATED acuBack in bed at the end of a hard day to sooth and relax you.

Feels amazing in your lower & mid back as well as behind your shoulder blade. Helps release tight ribs.

Incredible for legs

Releases shin splints, quads, hamstrings, t.f.l./i.t.b. and calves from body weight alone – no effort required.

Don’t forget to use the small nibs on the end of your acuBack to release scalp & head tension.

Quality construction lasts for years. Water filled, latex free & hypo-allergenic.

Heatable by microwaving for 90 seconds (on heat ring – included) or boiling for 12 minutes – provides 1.5 hours + of soothing heat.

Use our Click Where You Hurt feature on this website and/or download the acuProduct APP for FREE full video instructions.


1. 放鬆繃緊的肌肉
2. 提升關節運動
3. 減低神經系統的刺激
4. 刺激血液流通從而帶走肌肉的廢物
5. 天然的止痛藥及鎮定劑
6. 改善神經系統的能量流
微波爐: 放Acuback在安全環上,大約50-60秒。當你第一次把它拿出來也不會覺得熱,給它幾分鐘,這熱量將持續個多小時,切勿加熱超過60秒,否則Acuback會融化。若想再次加熱,請待90分鐘,Acuback完全冷卻後。
水中加熱: 10-12分鐘,用毛巾抹乾