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  • Reduces swelling and keeps you moving
  • Effectively ices sore muscles and joints with direct 360° cooling
  • Provides comfortable & flexible compression
  • Insulated travel pouch (included) keeps sleeve cool while on-the-go
  • Available in 2 sizes:  Use on knees, elbows, and other joints for maximum comfort


The KT Health Ice Sleeve is the best way to get both cold therapy and flexible compression for sore muscles and joints.  With a breakthrough design that molds around elbows, knees and other joints, the KT Ice Sleeve makes it easy to apply up to 20 minutes of therapeutic cold therapy, while also providing light compression benefits.

Perfect for runners, bikers, and anyone needing relief from sore joints, the Ice Sleeve helps you keep moving. The included Insulated Travel Pouch makes it easy to 'take your freezer with you' and have the Ice Sleeve ready after long gym workouts.  Say goodbye to old, leaky ice packs and hello to a new level of comfort with the KT Recovery+ Ice Sleeve!

Key features:

  • Direct 360° cooling makes it easy to reduce pain & swelling directly on joints.
  • Can be applied directly to skin - ensures efficient transfer of cold from the sleeve into aching muscles and joints.
  • Provides comfortable, light compression while icing.
  • Designed for use on Elbows and Knees – 2 of the most common & complained about locations for soreness and swelling.
  • Soft, microfiber fabric feels great on skin and stretches to conform to the body wherever cold therapy is needed
  • Always stays flexible.
  • Safe for any household freezer.  Store it in the freezer indefinitely and always have flexible cold therapy ready when you need it.
  • Insulated travel pouch (included) keeps sleeve cool while on the go, making it easy to apply cold therapy after a gym workout.

Every body is different, so make sure to check the handy sizing guide to pick the right sleeve for your use.  KT Ice Sleeve is available in 2 sizes to find the perfect fit for each usage.

Sizing Guide

 Product Size
Common Use

Small / Medium

Fits Most Elbows

9-13 inches  (23-33 cm)

Large / X-Large

Fits Most Knees

14-20 inches  (35-51 cm)


Common uses for Ice Sleeve include:

  • Ice Sleeve on elbow, to help address tennis elbow or other joint soreness
  • Ice Sleeve for knee pain, such as from a long run or intense workout
  • Leg icing with Ice Sleeve, to help recover from high-impact activities like basketball or other team sports
  • Cold compression, to combine the benefits of ice therapy with benefits of a light compression sleeve
  • Drug free alternative for pain relief, cold therapy, and light compression
  • Ice Sleeve for pain management, after an ankle sprain