ensō Travel Roller (Muscle Roller)


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Who said well being had to take up a lot of space? The ensõ Travel Roller offers ensō’s namesake relief and support for stressed muscles but with a reduced weight and size for easier carrying and storage. Whether you’re a dedicated triathlete traveling to the next event or just looking to stuff the ensõ Traveler in your gym bag, the portable design is just as easy to appreciate as the benefits it brings you. Your ailments are mobile and their solution should be too.





  • Elongates muscles, relaxes tight muscles, breaks up scar tissue, increases circulation and flexibility
  • Customizable design supports and works targeted areas without pressure to surrounding muscles and bones
  • 6 independent rollers can be positioned to meet specific needs and muscle groups
  • 8in length takes up minimal storage space and can easily be stowed in a bag
  • Rollers durable molded plastic disc wrapped in lightweight EVA foam with an anodized aluminum core
  • Grooved notches on tube position rollers to not slip out but adjust without friction for a micro-tuned disc arrangement
  • Weighs 1lb 14oz.