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ensō Roller (Muscle Roller)


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Whatever your need it for; be it for warming up for a work out or recovering from one, the ensō can oblige with its unique arrangement of varying diameters of discs. Customizing intensity of massage and areas of support hasn’t been possible—until now.

The eight independent discs feature customizable positioning—with the ability to be removed altogether—so the roller can conform and support to meet the demands of any body types or needs.


Features Elongates muscles, relaxes tight muscles and aids in breaking up scar tissue, increases circulation and flexibility Customizable design supports and works targeted areas without pressure to surrounding muscles and bones 8-disc design can create a one-of-a-kind fit for your body shape and training needs 13in proves to be the most versatile length for most body types Rollers are constructed with a lightweight EVA foam and are supported by durable molded plastic discs and an anodized aluminum core Grooved notches on tube position rollers to not slip out but adjust without friction for a micro-tuned disc arrangement Weighs 2.13lbs