Dr. Cohen’s Heatable acuPads (set of 2)


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Comes as a set of 2 so you can use them under different areas of your body or spine at the same time.

Incredible for relaxation and release.

Feels heavenly in a chair, in bed or on a yoga mat/carpeted floor.
Amazing for proper sitting posture at the computer or in Yoga class.
Sit straighter reducing low back strain by placing one acuPad under each buttock – this alters pelvic mechanics making you sit upright with zero effort.

If you are a computer user combine the acuPads under your buttocks with the acuBack behind your spine for incredible neutral sitting posture – ergonomic nirvana!Truly soothing for relieving period pain cramps.

A 100% natural sleep aid!

To encourage deeper sleep place one under your neck and another under your mid-back to relax your central nervous system.

Durable construction lasts for years. Water filled, latex free & hypoallergenic.

Heatable by microwaving both acuPads for 3.5 minutes or boiling for 12 minutes – provides 2.5 hours + of soothing heat.

No need to fill or empty ever. You will never use a hot water bottle or heating pad again!

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