Pro Compression - Calf Sleeves, Neon Yellow

Pro Compression

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PRO Compression graduated compression Calf Sleeves have been redesigned and engineered to be the best compression calf sleeves on the market!

The beauty of our calf sleeves is that they offer many of the same performance benefits of our industry-leading Marathon Socks, such as improved circulation and speedier recovery but allow for pairing with your favorite low-rise run or training socks.


  • Graduated compression design for maximum blood flow
  • Supports critical areas to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Lightweight construction for incredible comfort
  • Advanced material blend provides maximum comfort and support
  • Moisture control keeps you dry during your biggest efforts
  • Ideal for running, cycling and other activities
  • Care for your Calf Sleeves by washing in cold water and allow to air dry
  • Made in USA

    Our Graduated Compression Socks put pressure in just the right spots to increase blood flow and help repair broken down soft tissue. If you’re a nurse on your feet all day, a frequent traveler, an avid marathon runner or battling chronic soreness, our compression socks will help you feel better. 

     All Pro Compression socks have our signature Graduated Compression design. Basically, that means the further away from your heart, the more compression you feel. The point is to help circulate your blood back up towards your heart when you’re upright running a marathon or sitting in on a business meeting. Who doesn't want to keep their blood flowing smoothly in field or on the job and help prevent injuries, swelling or varicose veins?